Bistro Award Winners

Bistro Awards coming up on March 4                                                 When the annual Bistro Awards took place on the fourth of March at 6:30 PM at Manhattan's Gotham Comedy Club, the winners won't have been resting on their laurels.

Sue Raney will be flying in from her home base of California where she's been busy with a special solo concert under the auspices of the American Jazz Institute and preparing for their March event honoring the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Frankie Laine. And there was her Valentine's Day show with musical colleagues cooked up for The Jazz Bakery.There's a major article on her in Cabaret Scenes Magazine, which will be hot off the press as February morphs into March. In our nation's capital, Arena Stage's newsletter recently announced that Maurice Hines is preparing a new musical to debut there. And then there's Lainie Kazan, getting the prestigious Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award (named for the late columnist whose selections began these honors when he wrote the "Bistro Bits" column for BackStage, the trade paper which for many years sponsored the event which continues to be produced by its longtime editor Sherry Eaker). Ms Kazan graced Hollywood's venue, The Catalina, singing there last month --- and, as an actress, has two films on her 2013 acting schedule: Finding Joy and Growing Defiant. Clint Holmes has been busy with gigs in his home base of Las Vegas and is headed to Florida, too. (SEE BELOW FOR A FULL LIST OF ALL THE WINNERS.)

Across the border in Canada, NYC Debut winner, the snappy Michael Hughes has been snapped up for a few group cabaret shows, including one based on "missed connections" reported on the Sue Raneywebsite CraigsList. And he reports that his upcoming projects include a variety show called The Happening, happening just a week after the Bistros --- and working on his priority project: moving full-time to the USA.

Meanwhile, back in NYC, where the awards show takes place, Ben Rimalower and his Bistro-winning one-man play, Patti Issues, are extended yet again at The Duplex in Greenwich Village. Singer Tanya Holt will be at Iridium on Broadway for two shows on March 19 and returned to the revue of Rick Jensen songs she was part of last year. Currently on the cover of Cabaret Scenes Magazine, T. Oliver Reid ----longtime member of various Broadway musicals' casts --- reprised his award-winning show about the golden age of Harlem entertainment, this time at 54 Below. Liam Forde, given the annual Ira Eaker Award (named for the co-founder of BackStage, father of producer Sherry) for an especially notable up-and-coming performer, was chosen to sing in Steve Ross's Lincoln Center concert of Broadway's cut songs last week, on his night off from the off-Broadway production of Much Ado About Nothing, in which he was cast after chosen for the Bistro honor based on his many musical talents evident in a monthly revue with ever-changing material, seen at two Manhattan cabarets in 2012. Jack Kleinsinger's Highlights in Jazz began the new year two days after it began with a concert in their Tribeca home as a warm-up the Valentine's Day gala celebrating the fortieth (!) anniversary of the series. And busy musical director Barry Levitt can be seen all over town, as usual.

Winner Justin Vivian Bond will NOT be able to attend the awards show, but has been at 54 Below and has Joe's Pub nights coming up just a few days after the awards show--- and may be the only Bistro winner marketing an original fragrance product!

Lainie KazanThe Bistro Award winners are selected by a committee made up of cabaret reviewers Roy Sander, Mark Dundas Wood, Kevin Scott Hall, Robert Windeler (all of whom write reviews for the Bistro Awards website, among other credits) as well as cabaret journalists David Finkle, Elizabeth Ahlfors and Rob Lester, in addition to Ms Eaker and cabaret institution Erv Raible.

The evening is directed by Shellen Lubin, co-hosted once again by comedian/actor Jim David, with Mr. Sander and Tanya Moberly as co-producers.

The location for the annual event is the Gotham Comedy Club, in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, at 208 West 23 Street. Tickets are $65 –or $100 for premium tickets, plus a two-beverage minimum. The price includes a buffet reception nearby after the show, while the premium price also includes a pre-show champagne reception with the winners.

See for full details on the awards, tickets, bios and current/past reviews of cabaret shows.


Lainie Kazan / Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award

Maurice Hines / Enduring Artistry

Clint Holmes / Major Engagement / This Thing Called Love: Cole Porter & Paul Simon / Café Carlyle

Sue Raney / Major Engagement / Feinstein's at Loews Regency

Jenifer Lewis / Dazzling Return to New York Cabaret / Black Don't Crack at 54 Below / 54 Below

Barry Levitt / Ongoing Musical Excellence

Liam Forde / Ira Eaker Award

Highlights in Jazz / Special Award to Jack Kleinsinger / series

Ben Rimalower / Special Award / solo play / Patti Issues / The Duplex

Justin Vivian Bond (UNABLE TO ATTEND) / Singular Artistry / 54 Below

Alec Mapa / Comedy Monology / Baby Daddy / Laurie Beechman Theatre

Tanya Holt / Vocalist

Deanna Kirk / Jazz Vocalist

Michael Hughes / Debut / Mickey and Judy /The Duplex

T. Oliver Reid / Theme Show / Drop Me Off in Harlem / Feinstein's at Loews Regency

Mary Liz McNamara / Songwriter

Moira Danis / Recording / Some People's Lives

Catherine Russell / Recording / Strictly Romancin'



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